A different product combining it with the smart traffic safe. Chill-Wrap winds its way through a mild stroke around the arm or ankle. Produced in 3M ScotchliteTM High Gloss or Reflexite reflex material. Both reflex types found in the colors white and fluorescent lime. Chill-Wrap is made of two goals: 31×320 mm and 31×380 mm. On the back is soft opflokket film. Comes with or without tryk.


Et much reflective strips are closed by Velcro. Home Avery Dennison is OmnibriteTM reflex material, the back is black velvet. Velcrobånd is very well suited to joggere and cyclists, as it sits tightly on the ankle and will be in place. Produced in the colors white and fluorescent lime. Dimensions: 30×380 mm. Comes with or without tryk.Hestebånd: Velcrobåndene also produced for horses, the material is the same, but horses tape measure: 340×58 mm.


En adhesive reflex, with 3M ScotchliteTM High Gloss on the front, and strong glue on the back. Stickers can be produced in several different establishment, and printed in multiple colors. The pressure can be placed into or externally. After pressure must be reflective on my land. 15 cm2. It is possible to adjust the pressure and making quite the customer’s wishes. Produced in the colors white and fluorescent lime. Reflecting pieces Soft reflex pieces comes wrapped in a bag with string and pins. Can be produced in several different way with or without pressure. Reflecting Checkers produced by 3M ScotchliteTM High Gloss reflex material on the front and back, and is available in the colors white and fluorescent lime. After pressure must be reflective on my land. 15 cm2. Supplied individually wrapped in a bag with string and pins.

EN 13356

C You have our certificate on all our products reflex. EN 13356 is the European standard for reflective accessories not professional use. The Standard says that a reflex product must be between 15 and 50 cm2, have a reflective surface of minutes. 15 cm2, and be visible at least 140 meters. You C’s products are visible at least 250 meters. Council of Greater Road Safety recommends only the use of certified products where EN 13356 is printed on the product itself reflex.

Other reflex products

Glare west reflection vests

Glare west reflection vests certified for professional use EN 471, or not for professional use EN 1150. Armor can be supplied with transfer printing – packaged in bulk, or individually wrapped in a bag with tophæng.


For the auto industry, we provide example JRU labeled side reflectors, edge bars, and the reflex to the frame.


glare belts, reflective strips, bicycle reflectors, markings signs, buskortetuier, reflex transfer press such as T-shirts and caps, or plates fitted with reflekstekster.Har you have any questions or an idea you want help, please feel free to contact us.

About C You

C You have many years experience in reflex products and auto accessories, and we are constantly on the cutting edge of developments within the industry. Cooperation with businesses 3M, Avery Dennison and the Council of Major Road safety has led to many exciting products of high kvalitet.

We has a large production facilities, including its own printing. We provide high function and quality of the products delivered and ensure quality and delivery at the agreed time.