CE Godkendelse

Visible safety

The year 2000 was an important year for the reflex trade. In 2000 the first CE certification was given for compliance with the new European standard EN 13356: “Visibility accessories for non-professional use”.

EN 13356 is the standard used for soft reflex free hanging accessories or ”dangling tags” (items suspended from a garment or part of the body which are capable of hanging freely and of being removed by a conscious action) and soft removable accessories (items which are temporarily attached to a garment or on to part of the body and are removable without the aid of tools) both of which are used by private persons (non-professional use).

This is NEW. – There has for several years been a standard, EN 471, setting out the requirements and performance of ”High- visibility warning clothing for professional use” e.g. road workers, police persons, fire fighters, etc. – However, there was no regulation or rule relating to the safety for “all the ordinary people”. This situation has led to large scale import and sale of low quality reflex sheeting and accessories, some of which have a CE mark, but no reflex (a recent Swedish investigation confirms this). The origin of both sheeting and accessories is typically the Far East.

Low quality products are typically cheap and the individual user has virtuously no chance oftesting the reflex quality and must therefore rely on the CE marking with the correct EN reference: EN 13356.Together with other companies in the reflex trade in Denmark we have for several years tried to get a legislation that would remove bad reflex products from the market. We have yet to get a legislation, but with the EN13356 certification now being available, The Danish Road Safety Council and The Danish Ministry of Transportation calls upon all Danish manufacturers and buyers of reflex accessories to use only products meeting the requirements of this certificate.

Approved “dangling tags”/ Reflector Tabs

C You was in May of 2000 the first company in Europe that obtained a certificate to make ”dangling tags” in accordance with EN 13356. The reflex material is 3M’s Scotchlite™ High Gloss reflex or Reflexite. The colours complying with EN 13356 are white and fluorescent lime.

Approved velour/Velcro arm/leg bands.

Our velour/Velcro arm/leg bands using Avery Dennison Omnibrite reflex sheeting are also certified in accordance with EN 13356. We obtained the certificate in November 2001 and can now – as the only company in Europe – supply velour/Velcro arm/leg bands with a CE marking for compliance with EN 13356, the European standard for reflex products for non-professional use.
The certification is for white and fluorescent lime.

Approved Slap-Wrap/bracelets

Our Slap-Wrap (bracelets) with stainless steel reverse spring and rounded corners using Reflexite or 3M’s Scotchlite™ High Gloss reflex  are also certified in accordance with EN 13356. And again C You is the first company to CE mark in compliance to EN 13356. The certification covers the colours  white and fluorescent lime. A CE mark should always be linked to a standard number in order to avoid that e.g. a product complying with EN 71 – a toy standard – is taken for a product complying with EN13356. This way not only the profesional buyer, but also the individual user can see that a product is not just CE-approved, but CE-approved in accordance with the standard covering the use for which the product is intended – in this case to give increased conspicuity and safety in  traffic. If you decide to order a reflex product from C You you are sure that it has been tested in accordance with and found to comply with the requirements
of EN 13356.

If you want to see the certificates you can always contact us. cyou@cyou.dk