Auto Program

Weight scales

C You manufactures weight scales for buses, trucks and vans. The weight scales are stocked in black and white with white resp. black stamped out numbers. The weight scales are packed individually in bags and again packed with 25 bags per bunch.

Side reflectors

Approved  side reflectors 50 x 200 mm in yellow and white manufactured from 3M Scotchlite™ Commercial Grade reflex. Both colours are marked with JRU number. We can also supply red side reflectors 50 x 200 mm. The side reflectors are sold in bags with 2 pcs. and EAN-code, alternatively in bags with 50 pcs. The side reflectors can also be supplied mounted on a metal plate.

Warning signs and streamers

‘No smoking’ signs in self adhesive vinyl are available in several versions e.g. 3D (holographic). Also self adhesive labels and streamers are manufactured according to customer specification enabling print in one or more colors. ‘Baby in the car’ (warning triangle) is just one of the many examples of signs manufactured by C You.

Special accessories

Pipe holders extrusion molded in black rubber mounted with double adhesive tape so that they are easy to install. – Auto look mirrors packed individually and mounted with double adhesive tape so that they are easy to install in e.g. your car, camper or boat.


Neutral self adhesive p-discs, Ø=110 mm with 2-color print. White extrusion molded arrow which is mounted on weld fixed button that does not scratch the front glass screen. Supplied individually packed in bags. P-discs are also made to customer specification and with one or more coloured PR-print.

Country stickers

DK stickers are available in oval, square and rectangular shapes with different dimensions and layouts e.g. extruded as an individual sign with only DK print, a luxury version with gold frame, as EU sign, or as extruded. Flag signs are available in vinyl e.g. gold or silver coloured, or made of reflex sheeting.

Flag coat-of-arms

Flag coat-of-arms can be supplied printed on gold or silver sheeting. In addition to the standard assortment, all the products can be designed and made 100% in accordance with the customer’s wish i.e. with logo and company name in one or more colours.